Project was to design a four panel gate fold brochure for a non-profit wilderness management group. The overall goal was to increase membership in the group and generate new revenue, both small item purchases and large donations.

Along with the general layout, typesetting, etc. I also provided the photography for the brochure. Both the left gate and the interior side panels were shot using a Nikon D300. However, the cover was shot with a 1970's Pentax using long expired 35mm Fuji film. Though some Photoshop work was obviously required, this method is the primary factor in the unique appearance of the brochure's cover.

My solution was quite simple. I wanted to entice the viewer with the cover. Grasp their curiosity to the point that they were going to look inside, regardless of the subject matter. At the gate, I continued to hold attention by using strong, modern typesetting and displaying some of the most important information about the area this group works in. The interior copy was driven entirely by the client. My focus was the map, and my goal was a balance of design and function. Make it look good, but make sure it does it's job. As there is a very large metropolitan area nearby in which many people have no knowledge of this place, the map's functionality was crucial.

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